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Definition of Streaming Online Movies

The operation of streaming is based on the buffering of data downloaded to your computer by a server. Delivered in small pieces, keeping about ten seconds ahead of the listener, then erasing them.

It allows a reading in transit, as and when the file is downloaded, without possibility of copying. It is therefore an interesting alternative to take advantage of cultural audiovisual assets: The webradios for example , offer a reading and a library of streaming titles, which can listen to the request of the artists of his choice, and create his albums in line.

Warning!!! You will not be able to burn a CD or transfer your favorite songs to your mp3 player . Directing young people to sites that offer streaming media is a good idea to give them free access to a culture they often find dear, without exposing themselves to the prosecution and penalties inherent in pirate downloads.

To watch free movies online on the Internet, without having to worry about penal sanctions incurred, nothing better than streaming! There are now several free and effective streaming sites that offer you to watch your movies and series.

How to Watch Movies Online

I do not download any more movies, tv series or music and do not frequent streaming sites. It was not always the case ... When I started to use the Internet massively when I was a student in the late 90s, having access to thousands of music tracks, movies, TV shows or mangas could turn his head and lead to a frenzy of downloads . Even if the problem of the legality of the download was already posed...

Internet connections were more than feeble before the advent of ADSL and fiber. Download a simple song of a few MB could take an hour with a low speed internet connection ... Whether in Peer To Peer (via the Emule download software or torrents) or direct download , watching online video content was impossible for most people.

The situation is very different today with the development of very high speed internet connections and streaming that I already defined in my article What is streaming? . As a reminder, streaming means broadcasting in English. This is the technological process for listening online music or watching videos online without having to download these multimedia content on the storage space of his device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc...).

Legal Solutions To Watch Movies Online

Today, I much more prefer to subscribe to a legal premium streaming offer: Spotify (I'm really not a fan of Apple music and Deezer, which at the time was working badly on my smartphone) for music and videos, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (available free to Amazon Prime subscribers) for me. I subscribed to OCS not long ago but I stopped it once the Game of Thrones season 8 ended and the excellent Chernobyl series watched.

These paid legal services are perfect for watching movies / series / manga / cartoons or listening to music online. With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros a month to enjoy the vast catalogs of movies / TV / music series. I find it much more practical: no endless search to find movies online, no unwanted advertising, HD quality for video and sound and choice of language (French, German or original version in English with subtitles etc ...). Note that there are also two other types of streaming sites: the replay TV sites (where you can review the programs of TV channels after broadcast) and VOD sites (acronym for Video On Demand in English or Video Application ) where you can buy content individually.

How to Watch Movies Online Without Registration

But we all have different attitudes to the issue of pay / free and we do not all have the same financial means ... A friend asked me a few days ago about its difficulty to find a free streaming site without have to create an account on the site. Here is a summary of some tips I gave him to find a free movie when he wants it and the best streaming site.

If you want to watch streaming content for free, it's better to go through a streaming platform like FMovies, 123movies, GoMovies or any other free streaming site that you can find on the web or recommend your friends to watch. Streaming series and the latest trendy movies. You will be able to view your video content directly from your web browser (present on all computers) without having to install specific plugins and can even broadcast them on your TV via a suitable device such as Chromecast or AirPlay.

Good tips in this area are often known by word of mouth or social networks. The best streaming sites are generally well known to the public (whether geek or not) in search of free movies, TV shows (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Casa de Papel are examples of popular streaming shows) or music. These sites offer numerous films, series, documentaries via an often impressive online catalog.

On these sites, you don't need to create an account to access the video content of the site (as for many download sites). The contents are accessible without registration. You'll find advertising (or a lot of pop-up ads!), Which is not surprising to pay for the cost of hosting the website in exchange for a free service.

Best Movie Streaming Websites:

Looking for a free streaming site to watch your favorite movies or series? Gentside invites you to discover the top 5 best streaming sites.

Faced with the threat of criminal penalties for anyone downloading audiovisual content, streaming sites have quickly become a convenient and secure alternative for many Internet users.

Faced with the growing number of streaming sites proliferating on the web, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Gentside offers you here a top 5.

You can also test Amazon Prime Video, Amazon's free Streaming platform for a month by and gain access to many high-quality series and movies.


FMovies is currently the most popular streaming site. The site offers to watch unlimited amount of movies in HD for free. Shared links on the site allow you to watch movies in 480p to 4k quality. Regularly updated, FMovies has a catalog offering a wide range of films that will make you enjoy the latest releases and classics.


123Movies is one of the oldest movie streaming sites available on the web. There are movies and series in both HD and 4K depending on the links, available for free watching and downloading. Before you can watch movie online, you need to close few popup advertisements, don't worry ads are safe but little bit too annoying.


With a well-stocked catalog and often updates, the site offers many movies and series streaming very good quality and without registration.


123movieshub is an old player and in past has quickly established itself as one of the best sites for streaming. Films and series on the site can be watched in any type of quality, from CAM to high quality HD. Users are involved and participate in the life of the site since they can share their own movies and series by making them available. The catalog of 123movieshub is regularly updated by the contributions of its users and administrators.


5Movies offers HD series and films, available for free and without any limit. The site also focuses on the quality of the links provided to its users: the proposed content is in HD or 720p. The navigation of the site is also made very simple thanks to the interface of the website.